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Denis Jovanovic Is So Kissable, Among Other Things!

I finally got around to doing some Christmas shopping today (yay!) but there’s more to do. Of course, it’s all being delivered, because no one actually goes out to do Christmas shopping anymore, right? 🙂 The only reason to go out this time of year is for drinks with friends, which is what I’ll be doing this weekend. Or, maybe...


I Guess You Want More Of Denis Jovanovic?

We enjoyed Denis Jovanovic for the first time in a post yesterday, a shoot by lucky photographer Tom Buck, and I knew that there was more of this shoot to share with you, and that some of these photos might be a little sexier than the previous batch. I’m still pretty infatuated with this sexy young man. I spent a...


If You Love Sporty Twinks You’ll Love Denis Jovanovic

I think I’m right in suggesting that Denis Jovanovic is at a very important moment of his career as a male model. I was out there looking for the best collection of pics to share with you featuring this handsome young man and there seems to be quite a few options to choose from, and all fairly recent too. I...