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Cuban Hottie Henry Luis Pinedo Borrell

Guys, check out the handsome and hunky Henry Luis Pinedo Borrell, a new arrival to the Gay Body Blog but one I will definitely be seeking out again for another post now that I’ve seen him in this shoot! Karim Konrad is the photographer sharing the gorgeous tanned Cuban hunk with us, and it really is a very sexy introduction...

David Fumero: Spicy Cuban Hottie 1

David Fumero: Spicy Cuban Hottie

Ok, I don’t know about you, but how much hotter can you get than a former US Marine, from Cuba, who is now a hunky soap star? Well not much more than that, and this is exactly who David Fumero is. Come on, say his last name with a Cuban accent, you know you want to. David is a former...

Spicy Cuban Body: William Levy Gutierrez 2

Spicy Cuban Body: William Levy Gutierrez

Cuban actor William Levy is maybe one of the most hottest things to come out of Cuba since the Mojito! William has also had an amazingly successful modeling career in addition to his acting after he took part in the reality show “The Island of Temptation” made by Promofilm for Telemundo. Since then, the actor has always been busy training...