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We Need More Of Christopher Fawcett Out Of His Underwear

Handsome and lean American model Christopher Fawcett has had hearts fluttering on the Gay Body Blog before, a couple of times, and we desperately need more of the guy. If you haven’t seen his previous shoots here then you really ought to go and have a look, the opportunity to see Christopher Fawcett naked and hard should not be ignored!...

Christopher Fawcett For UnderGear (6) 5

Christopher Fawcett For UnderGear

It’s Friday everyone! I hope you have something special planned for the weekend. I have a friends birthday to go to yesterday and as he’s gay I’m hoping there will plenty of opportunity to hook up with some interesting guys! 😉 I was thinking today about who my ideal guy would be, and I really couldn’t narrow it down. You...


Christopher Fawcett – Lean And Ripped!

I know, it’s Tuesday, and plenty of us are probably on a downer about that. It’s that time of the week when you’re settling back into mundane work, and the weekend looks so far away. But I’m here to give you a little boost at this depressing time, and I think I have just what you need to get yourself...