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Rogerio Miranda Naked And Uncut

I’ve really been getting into the hot Brazilian men recently. In actual fact, it’s probably not fair to suggest it’s a recent development – lets face it if there are pics out there of a hot naked and uncut guy I’m gonna want to see them, and so many Brazilian hunks are intact too. Rogerio Miranda appears in this shoot...


Could Be A Movie Star – Diego Miguel

I think I might have to start a new series of posts, all about guys I think look like they could be international movie stars. I think you know what I mean, there are some male models out there that you just need to look at once and you can imagine them playing the part of James Dean or something....

Brazilian Male Model Renato Ferreira 5

Teasing With Pretty Boy Renato Ferreira

There are some phrases or words which immediately spring to mind when I see a guy, and when I was checking out some really hot pics of Renato Ferreira I immediately thought Pretty Boy. It’s not intended as an insult in any way, I just need a way to accurately describe how handsome and youthful I think he looks, and...