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Anton Antipov 2

Revealing Underwear Shoots – Anton Antipov and Chris R

I actually found these images genuinely looking for some new underwear. Isn’t it funny how an innocent shopping spree on the net can result in being distracted by some really delicious muscle boys posing in their skivvies? lol I’ve added some pics of Anton before (he’s the bigger muscle hunk of the two) in this post. in fact, I think...

Anton Antipov - Amazing Body 4

Gorgeous and Built – Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov describes himself as a “Badassery Consultant”, and I’m not going to tell you how I know that, you’ll have to go hunting for yourself. This gorgeous hunk of man hails from New York and is an all-round fitness guru, graphic designer, writer, model… you know, one of those people who really annoys you by being immediately good at...