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Rugged Hunk Antoine Morieult Bulging In All The Best Ways

When I shared the first post starring Antoine Morieult on the Gay Body Blog I kind of expected that he might be popular with you guys, but He’s actually become one of the most popular models this year. Naturally, when a gorgeous hunk like him starts getting that kind of adoring attention from our readers I need to keep at...


Imagine If Antoine Morieult Was Your Workout Buddy

I guess it’s understandable that the first post featuring handsome and hairy hunk Antoine Morieult was so popular, although I would have expected a few more comments on it than we got (hint, hint :)) Of course I had to get out there and find more of this gorgeous stud, and although I mentioned in the last post that it...


I Think I’m In Lust With Antoine Morieult

Actually, I don’t think I am, I know I am! Photographer Daniel Jaems is familiar to us, we’ve seen his spectacular work countless times before and we’ll continue to see it in the future. He just knows how to present an attractive man with perfect lighting and composition, as this shoot with Antoine Morieult once again shows. The French hunk...