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Getting Kinky With Handsome Daddy Hunk Jess Vill And Friends

I’m not gonna lie, this shoot is mostly about Jess Vill, in my opinion. He’s the handsome and ripped daddy hunk in this threesome shoot with Beñat (bearded and hairy hunk) and Maik Cabello (shaved smooth dude) and he’s been one of my faves for a while. We’ve seen him on the blog before, and he’s always had some love...


Going On A Journey With Jess Vill

Happy Monday boys! How is the start of a new week treating you guys? I had a lazy morning, a very slow start to the day, but even though I was just gonna get to my desk and start work this shoot starring Jess Vill kind of persuaded me to go for a walk and have a bit of a...