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Gregory Capra 1

Gregory Capra

Gregory Capra is a French personal trainer, who always looks good in his photos. And why not? He is a personal trainer after all. Gregory was born on August 8th 1984, in Marseille in the South of France. Being so close to the beach and water, her certainly doesn’t lack any inspiration to perfect that great body of his. I...

Gorgeous Eyes 4

Gorgeous Eyes

This photo by Scott Hoover shows us an absolutely gorgeous face that has eyes that simply drawn you in! The angle of the shot then leads us to admire what a great body this model named Phil, has to offer. Great work Scott!

Get your butt in bed! 3

Get your butt in bed!

Ahh Sunday morning.. sleeping in the nude is not only comfortable and natural, it just feels good! Also waking up the next morning can always provide some interesting looks if you have roommates, and you might just find some people enjoying watching you sleep in..

Another Beautiful Face 2

Another Beautiful Face

The eyes are something to be reckoned with. With only a glance from one to another, they can bring us to our knees or sweep us off our feet. So much can be said with the eyes, they are the essence of the human emotion. This photo is telling me something.. what’s it tell you?

Whities 3


This little piece of muscle is wearing the classic tighty whities. The don’t overshadow the fact that he has amazingly defined arms and a cute little chest. Lots of hours spent at the gym I’m sure for this body…

Matt Clifton 1

Matt Clifton

Matt James Clifton is a 22 year old Australian actor. Upon graduation Matt ventured to the shores of Sydney to embark on a journey towards his dreams in acting. He landed a number of TV commercials, some including ‘Samsung Mobile’, ‘Netflix’, and ‘Nutri-Grain’. Also making guest appearances on an ABC Kids show, ‘Blue Water High’. Matt’s first small break was...

Beauty Trifecta 3

Beauty Trifecta

This stud has the beauty trifecta in my opinion. Great eyes, great facial hair, and great tattoos. I dunno if it’s the stunning bad boy look or something about his eyes but it’s photos like these that make me appreciate what goes into great photography. It’s a casual pose but somehow his hands are placed in a very artful way…

Beautiful Muscle 3

Beautiful Muscle

This photo depicts the perfect body in my opinion. Toned in all the right places, I don’t have much to say about it other than be in awe. Great definition in the midsection, including the v-shape (Adonis). Lighting also cleverly shone, click to see more.

Natural Beauty 3

Natural Beauty

This is a great shot of a natural beauty. With his toned midsection and gorgeous facial features, you can’t help but get lost in his deep hazel eyes and wonder what he’s thinking. I love the tattoo on the arm as well.

Big Red Chair 2

Big Red Chair

This mystery man comes from the great photography of Ethan James. He does great perspective shots and captures the male form in many different great ways. This is just one of his great shots but it is one of my favorites.

Raoul Bova 2

Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova is an Italian Actor who could be equally as successful solely as a model. At the age of 16 he became a champion with the S.S. Lazio swim team of Rome, swimming the 100 meter backstroke. At the age of 21 he joined the Italian Army and performed his military duty in the Bersaglieri (sharpshooters) corps. Talk about...

Deserted Island 2

Deserted Island

We’ve all thought about what it would be like to be on a deserted island, have we thought about what it would be like to be on a deserted island with your best friend who happens to look like this? What if it’s for a while and there’s no other human contact other than your buddy who is a tease...

Joe Griffith 2

Joe Griffith

Today I’m featuring cutie Joe Griffith. Joe is a sexy British model that I don’t know too much about, but I certainly find he take great, real photos. I’ve seen others around of Joe where he appears to be young, fun and a bit of a goof. Here’s a few great shots of Joe.

Matthew Mitcham 0

Matthew Mitcham

Well the poll results are in, and it turns out that you find the sexiest Olympic sport to be Men’s diving. No suprise here, dawning only a speedo and leaving nothing to the imagination, Men’s diving is definitely a sexy sexy sport. The story of this past Olympics in diving, might just be Matthew Mitcham. This Aussie diver is the...

Scott McGregor 0

Scott McGregor

Gotta love smiley Aussie hunk Scott McGregor! He is just so adorable, I want to eat him up! Since 2005 he has worked as a model on the Nine Network program Temptation, as well as television presenting work for Foxtel. McGregor has done photo shoots for Men’s Health (Australia), Cleo, DNA and Boyfriend, as well as television commercials for a...

Michael Lewis 0

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis is a 6’3″ Model who was signed with Abercrombie and Fitch in 2007. He plays basketball and loves to stay fit. Obviously. Here are some great shots of this ‘eat-me-up’ model.

Mirror Mirror on the wall… 0

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Who’s the hottest of them all? This photo hopes to answer that question with clever use of the mirror in the background to reveal a little more than the foreground of this photo initially does. I absolutely love it!

Casual Hunk 0

Casual Hunk

Oh how I am going to miss summer when it’s over, for the very reason that we can see in this sexy photo. Shirtless guys showing us what summer is all about! This hunk has a great body and and all-American face. If I were to meet him on the street I’d strike him for some bball or anything to...

Adorable Face 2

Adorable Face

I love photography of the male face and its features. When I came across this photo recently I had to post it as this model’s face is so adorable and kissable. Yes it’s still summer but this bundled up hunk just makes me want to crawl up in bed on a cold winter’s day and warm up to this guy....

Hooded Hunk 0

Hooded Hunk

This is one of my favorite looks on a muscle-toned model. Open zip hoodies really do something for this model, but the tease with the track pants is what tops this photo. Overall a sexy photo!