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Roughing it 0

Roughing it

Imagine being stranded on an island with these guys, all with immaculate bodies…I’m sure you could find something to pass the time.

Beefy Beauty 1

Beefy Beauty

This beefy bod would go nice with a side of butt.

Clingy Shorts 0

Clingy Shorts

Candid shots like these are the most beautiful. Click to see close up.

Show it all off 0

Show it all off

This guy is showing what he undoubtedly worked very hard for. Amazing v-shape.

Treasure Trail 5

Treasure Trail

Yet another one of my fetishes… I just love treasure trails. They are such a tease.

Ode to Homoeroticism 1

Ode to Homoeroticism

The following photos are a few pics I found that are homoerotic. Not to mention absolutely yummy 😉

Aussie Yum 0

Aussie Yum

Now only if he had a real Aussie accent…

Michael Churchill 1

Michael Churchill

Michael Churchill has such an amazing body, and amazing eyes, I’m going to post my favs.

Too Big? 5

Too Big?

This body is so perfect and huge, it almost looks photoshopped, what do you think?

Tyler Bachtel 2

Tyler Bachtel

This is Tyler Bachtel. His body is just amazing.

Hello World! 2

Hello World!

My love of the male body has finally taken form… blog form! I hope to share not only some really great photos from my virtual travels, but also meet and share what’s so great with about the male form with my fellow bloggers out there! photo credit: Victoriano