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Gorgeous Actor Cristian Sancho (2) 2

Playing Gay With Argentinian Soap Star Cristian Sancho

Argentinian actor Cristian Sancho is pretty famous. I guess all countries have their “must see” TV shows right? There’s Eastenders in the UK, The Young and the Restless in the USA, Home And Away in Australia… and Botineras in Argentina. And of course, all of them like to make a stir and create some headlines with some outrageous story lines....

David Fumero: Spicy Cuban Hottie 1

David Fumero: Spicy Cuban Hottie

Ok, I don’t know about you, but how much hotter can you get than a former US Marine, from Cuba, who is now a hunky soap star? Well not much more than that, and this is exactly who David Fumero is. Come on, say his last name with a Cuban accent, you know you want to. David is a former...