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Handsome Australian male model James Yates 2

Real Shots Of Handsome Aussie Hunk James Yates

I can’t remember the last time I gathered together some amateur pics from a handsome hunk we know from pro photo shoots, but when I was looking for more of gorgeous Aussie model James Yates I decided now is the time. I was originally looking for more pro shoots with this drool-worthy man but either I’m not looking hard enough...


Sexy Bearish Hottie Alex Lederman

I know we’ve seen this gorgeous hairy hunk before on the blog, he’s been in some awesome shoots for photographer Paul Freemen and he plays the role of the sexy country guy real well. He’s got his dick out for some of those shoots before, but apparently that’s nothing new for this guy, he’s really not shy at all and...


Random Naked Dudes Showing Off Their Junk

So I went to the gym this morning, for the first time this week even though every month I tell myself that I’m going to go every couple of days – I know I’m lame and so pathetically unmotivated, I get distracted far too easily to be able to commit lol – and while I was there I saw a...