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A Little More Of MMA Fighter Simon Marini Naked

Okay guys, after seeing a little more of former MMA fighter Simon Marini naked I think I’ve discovered that I don’t only have a fetish for jockstraps, boxers and briefs, I now have a bit of a fetish for sporty socks too. Maybe it’s just because I think this guy is damn fine, but seeing him sliding on those long...


Big And Burly Hunk Simon Marini Gets His Uncut Cock Out

At the start of the month we had some pics of a handsome and rugged hunk getting his uncut cock out for the Jockstrap Central company and showing off in a sexy grey onesie (I still don’t know what differentiates a onesie from adult rompers, is there a difference? lol) and although I didn’t know who he was then I...


MMA Fighter Myzael Yñarritu

I know nothing about Myzael Yñarritu, so let me say that right off the bat. MMA is not something I’ve ever really been interested in (I’m a lover not a fighter) but after seeing this handsome and hunky man showing off in a very sexy shoot I’m almost compelled to go and see him in action. This is the kind...