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Hairy Hunks Mike De Marko And Marc Giacomo Share A Locker Room Fuck!

I had every intention of heading to the gym this morning and kicking off the week with a really good workout, but unfortunately I was out walking the dog this morning and passed a new bakery in my neighborhood. I guess you can imagine that I never made it to the gym after that, preferring to spend the morning watching...


Gay Toy Play With Mike De Marko And Blake Ramsey

Gay porn videos like this always make me chuckle! It’s a great new scene from the Men over 30 with Mike De Marko and Blake Ramsey playing the roles of warehouse workers at a sex toy company, and we’re supposed to believe that the staff test out new products with each other… I know, it’s a little silly, but it’s...


Mike De Marko Takes On Power Top Jaxton Wheeler

I have absolutely no interest in cars, let me get that out there right from the start of this. I don’t many of you do either, right? Still, this new hardcore gay porn scene might have that motoring theme to it, but it’s all about power top and hairy muscle hunk Jaxton Wheeler slamming the hungry hole of gorgeous Mike...