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Muscled Hunks Sean Duran And Jessie Colter Fuck

Apparently, massive muscle hunk Sean Duran has been hoping to get the hot ass of Jessie Colter for a while. The feeling is obviously mutual in this new hardcore gay porn scene from the Men Over 30 site, even if the set could use a little work to be a little more convincing! Check out the action.


Gym Buddies Get Lots Of Cock In The Showers

You know how it is. You’re at the gym, trying to decide what jock strap you want to wear after your shower and your workout buddy asks why you always wear them, one thing leads to another and before you know it cocks are being sucked and holes are being fucked! Okay, maybe that only happens in our fantasies, but...


Glory Hole Action With Jock Dudes Jace Chambers And Ace Era

Jace Chambers is one of those straight guys I think we would all love to know. He’s a handsome and hunky guy who just loves to share his cock and get his cum load pumping, and he’s not at all shy about getting his rocks off with another dude. He’s the one looking for someone to come and make use...


Uncut Hunk Hans Berlin Fucks Devin Adams

It’s time for some hardcore fun on the Gay Body Blog, and while there was quite a lot of action out there today that I could have shared with you I knew that you guys would appreciate the uncut cock of handsome muscled daddy hunk Hans Berlin. He’s been a fave of mine for a while so seeing him back...


Hairy Hunks Mike De Marko And Marc Giacomo Share A Locker Room Fuck!

I had every intention of heading to the gym this morning and kicking off the week with a really good workout, but unfortunately I was out walking the dog this morning and passed a new bakery in my neighborhood. I guess you can imagine that I never made it to the gym after that, preferring to spend the morning watching...


Getting Hard At Work With Hunter Vance, Matt Stevens & Dek Reckless

It’s time for some gay porn on the Gay Body Blog, and while there was a massive mountain of action I could have sifted through to find something to suit every single one of you (not gonna happen, by the way lol) I decided on this hot threesome fuck from the Men Over 30 site, mainly because of the theme...


Muscle Daddy Max Sargeant Fucks Bottom Bitch Dek Reckless

It’s Friday guys! The end of the week is here and plenty of us are going out for a drink tonight. I have some great posts for you today, starting out with a hardcore gay porn post of course. Check out the latest offering from the Men Over 30 site! Yeah, this is a little different to what you guys...


Gay Toy Play With Mike De Marko And Blake Ramsey

Gay porn videos like this always make me chuckle! It’s a great new scene from the Men over 30 with Mike De Marko and Blake Ramsey playing the roles of warehouse workers at a sex toy company, and we’re supposed to believe that the staff test out new products with each other… I know, it’s a little silly, but it’s...


Want some threesome gay locker room porn?

Everyone loves gay locker room porn, it’s just one of those things that every guy seems to be into. The setting for this one is pretty hot, but then again the Men Over 30 site is pretty well known for this kind of horny action. It’s a threesome starring Dylan Knight, Armando De Armas and Brett Bradley, and every one...


The Pool Party Comes To A Sticky End For Braxton Smith And Sean Duran

Happy Friday everyone! I know it’s the 13th, but I don’t believe in all that bullshit and mambo-jumbo (yes, that’s the correct spelling according to my checker!) I had a lovely day hanging out with a friend, going to the gym together and then having lunch. A few beers later and I’m back home looking for some porn to share...


Gay Locker Room Sex With Alessandro Del Toro And Billy Santoro

Who doesn’t love some gay locker room sex in a porn video? I was looking around on some of my fave sites this morning for something to share with you in this hardcore delivery and knew as soon as I enjoyed this one with Alessandro Del Toro and Billy Santoro that it had to be on the blog. So it’s...


Happy Halloween – Check Out Some Hot Hardcore!

So, I of course have to begin this hardcore post by wishing you all a very Happy Halloween! I hope you’re all having a good day, and that if you have a spooky night out planned you have a great time. I have a thing to go to, and I plan on drinking just a little 😉 Of course, as...


Phenix Saint Bangs Billy Santoro

Happy Friday guys! I guess more than a few of you are planning a night out on the town, and so am I, but before we get all dolled up and head out for some dancing and drinking I have some excellent posts for you. I have to start off with a great gay hardcore porn post from the Men...