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Male Nude Physique Photography - Creative Bodies 6

Male Nude Physique Photography – Creative Bodies

It’s time for some creative nude muscle for this post I think – a friend directed me to a great photography studio and some really interesting pics yesterday that I thought I’d better share with you. Their style is pretty interesting, and although not all their work is as great – only in my opinion though! – I had to...

Male Nude 8

A Little Tasteful Nudity

You remember a little while back I added a post of a great collection of bulges? Well, I thought it was about time I offered a post just dedicated to some really cool male nude images, all random and collected. You guys know I like to paint right? So because I can’t afford to have a studio and pay a...

cazwell ice cream truck 11

The sexiest thing you’ll find on YouTube

What’s possibly the sexiest thing you’ll see on YouTube these days? How about a sticky wet video by the yummy NYC artist Cazwell. Few new artists embody the spirit of downtown NYC more completely than Cazwell. A leading figure in the renaissance of New York City nightlife that has taken place over the last five years, Cazwell’s music—a ridiculously fun...

Half-naked on the slopes by ES collection for men 11

Half-naked on the slopes by ES collection for men

In the latest promotional photo shoot for ES Collection Undewear and Swimwear for Men; featured are the always sexy ES models outdoors this time hitting the slopes! What a fitting time of year for this great winter-themed photoshoot, as the snow is just starting to fall over here in many places. What a stunning set of men this underwear mega-store...

Sexy Male Twins by Carlos Arias 1

Sexy Male Twins by Carlos Arias

Carlos Arias is probably one of the best self-taught male photographers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing come around. I love his work so much, I could feature numerous photos from his portfolio since they all capture male beauty in very unique ways. Carlos can take very different shots, some capturing raw male testosterone at its finest, others sensual male...

Homoerotic photos: The candid male 3

Homoerotic photos: The candid male

It seems that these days the idea of a “Bromance” is becoming every more popular, thanks to MTV and Brody Jenner. The idea that two guys can the best of friends and share things together that would normally be considered past the line of what two guys, is becoming more the norm. I’m not talking about two guys hooking up...

The art of Homoeroticism 2

The art of Homoeroticism

Homoeroticism goes back as far as the Renaissance and has been transformed over the ages through art, literature and film. The modern adaptations certainly have associated themselves with homosexuality, and have focused more notably on the male on male aspect of the genre. This photo attempts to capture the homoerotic with delicate poses and very masculine figures. The use of...

Innocent Horseplay 0

Innocent Horseplay

Males are inherently drawn to take on a little horseplay once in a while, it’s our nature. This photo captures the innocence of the act, in a beautiful setting with two hunky dudes.

Ode to Homoeroticism 1

Ode to Homoeroticism

The following photos are a few pics I found that are homoerotic. Not to mention absolutely yummy 😉