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We’d All Love To Be At The Beach With Handsome Hunk Julz Tocker

It’s definitely time to start daydreaming about the summer, the glorious sun beating down, afternoons out at the beach… Julz Tocker is helping me to picture all of this in a sexy new shoot by photographer Gus Dantas. This is the first time we’ve seen this buff hunk here at Gay Body Blog, but if this is the kind of...


JuanFer De La Torre Always Looks Great At The Beach

Over the weekend I saw photos of what was happening on the beaches in Florida and all I could think was that it was the last place I would want to be right now. Today I saw more photos of handsome and hairy hunk JuanFer De La Torre on the beach and I was thinking about being marooned with him...


JuanFer De La Torre Looks Awesome Glistening In The Sun

I just want to be sticky in the summer sun, is that too much to ask? My emails this morning delivered several handsome hunks for me to share with you all today and I was a little spoiled for choice. I had to spend some time going through them and deciding which lovely man deserved your attention first and I...