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My Adoration Of Sexy Beach Hunk Gonzalo Fernández Continues

Happy Boxing Day guys! No matter where you are or what you’ve been doing I hope you’ve had a happy and safe Christmas. It’s not quite over yet, I plan to spend the rest of today binge watching Schitt’s Creek again and working my way through this big bottle of Jack Daniels a friend kindly sent me. He knows me...


You Probably Knew We’d See More Of Handsome Gonzalo Fernández

We saw the first post with this handsome hunk on Monday and I knew then that there would be more, and you guys aren’t complaining, right? Apparently Gonzalo Fernández is a cam performer, or Only Fans, or something. I can’t say I’ve paid much attention to the whole solo performer thing going on out there, at least not beyond what...


Want To Get Wet With Gonzalo Fernández?

How is your Christmas planning going? Mine was going okay, until our country went crazy and we got shut down by Europe lol I have a little more shopping I’m supposed to be doing but it looks like things are going to be more lean this Christmas than usual. Oh well, it’s probably a fitting end to a shitty year,...