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Getting Kinky With Handsome Daddy Hunk Jess Vill And Friends

I’m not gonna lie, this shoot is mostly about Jess Vill, in my opinion. He’s the handsome and ripped daddy hunk in this threesome shoot with Beñat (bearded and hairy hunk) and Maik Cabello (shaved smooth dude) and he’s been one of my faves for a while. We’ve seen him on the blog before, and he’s always had some love...

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Top 5 Gay Cam Bodies

Top 5 Gay Cam Bodies   We all have a type, or something that turns us on. It’s no secret that we often venture off into the dark, naughty parts of the web to find videos that will pique those interests to draw the best orgasms from our sacks. Many cam models fill the space, but there are those that...

Getting Dark And Sexy With Modus Vivendi (11) 0

Getting Dark And Sexy With Modus Vivendi

I was so pleased to see this email arrive in my inbox from the guys at Modus Vivendi! First, I should perhaps remind you all that I have a little bit of a punky/metaller kind of lifestyle. I was that teenager who wore Doc Martens and a biker leather all year, the kind of guy who goes to rock gigs...