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Will We Ever See Eli Bernard Fully Nude?

Eli Bernard has to be one of the most attractive young men we have ever seen here at Gay Body Blog, and I’m really not sure why there is so little of him out there. This stunning guy should be showing off that lovely face and gorgeous body for every photographer!


You Know We Needed More Of Eli Bernard

I swear I will go out there and spend a whole afternoon looking for more of this insanely hot guy. We’ve seen Eli Bernard twice here at Gay Body Blog, but I think we all agree that isn’t enough. I have a little more of the gorgeous young hunk to share with you today but after this I’m gonna have...


Eli Bernard Is The Epitome Of The College Jock Boy

We’ve seen this insanely gorgeous young man here at Gay Body Blog just once before, but I knew he would be popular and I knew we’d need to see him again. I’m not sure why it’s taken three years to see more of him when he should be modeling every damn day! I do know a little more about Eli...


The Incredible Physique Of Handsome Eli Bernard

Happy Saturday boys! I hope your weekend is going well so far. If not, then I have something that should make you feel much better. We’ve never seen handsome and insanely well-built male model Eli Bernard on the GayBodyBlog before, but after seeing him for the first time in this shoot by Tyson Vick you can bet we’re gonna be...