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Dan Murphy Gets Us All Hot And Bothered!

I know that this post is going to annoy some of you guys, but for good reasons. It’s featuring the gorgeous Dan Murphy, showing off his naked body but being incredibly teasing and not giving us everything. Yeah, it sucks, just a little lol I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, every shoot I’ve seen with this gorgeous guy involved...


Revealing A Little More Of Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is a handsome and hunky male model that I know a lot of you would absolutely adore. We’ve actually seen him on the blog before in a post where he teased and seduced plenty of us, naked, without showing everything. However, although he’s a little known for being a bit of a tease and never revealing everything in...

Dan Murphy By Tony Duran - Underwear, Fashion And Nude! (2) 1

Dan Murphy By Tony Duran – Underwear, Fashion And Nude!

I was absolutely certain we’d had some pics of the handsome Dan Murphy on the blog before, but after having a quick search, it seems we haven’t! Well, after finding these sexy shots I had to get them on here, and I would like to point out one thing in particular – Y-fronts CAN be sexy! Okay, they might not...