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Alen Clippinger 19

Beautiful and Stunning: Allen Clippinger

Yet another specimen of the perfect guy with the perfect body all wrapped up in a nice little package called Allen Clippinger. Allen is a 26 year old experienced model from Miami Florida, who’s assets are truly stunning. Allen has quite the muscular and toned body on him, sporting those deep brown eyes and fierce jawline, you could just have...

The Stunning Dave Wilkinson by Dan Skinner 5

The Stunning Dave Wilkinson by Dan Skinner

Having featured photographer Dan Skinner’s work before, there was always one model that stood out in particular in his work, and it is model Dave Wilkinson. Dan recently sent me some recent shots of Dave, as well as some of his other favorites. I absolutely love this model, and think he is yet another example of the ‘boy next door’...

Stunning Male Photography by Daniel Skinner 2

Stunning Male Photography by Daniel Skinner

Ok I have to feature the amazing work of Daniel Skinner of CERBERUS INC. This guys does absolutely amazing work! Not to mention his models are strikingly gorgeous. Daniel Skinner is a Digital photographer/artist for over 400 publishers worldwide ranging from romance to mystery to sci-fi. Dan is always looking for new faces to add to his remarkable and stunning...

Gabe Johansen: Now doing private shows? It’s true! 10

Gabe Johansen: Now doing private shows? It’s true!

I recently featured the 27 year old model Gabe Johansen back in March, who at the time was just starting to get some major experience modeling, and as always was being super sexy at it. I recently discovered that this blond hunk has dabbled over into the more illustrious nudity side of things over at CamGuys. Taking off his clothes...

Jacob Warner – Hunky Outdoorsman 5

Jacob Warner – Hunky Outdoorsman

Jacob Warner is one of those perfect examples of what a stunning male model can look like. Jacob steams up the set at any photo shoot with his super sexy eyes and amazingly masculine body. He has a strong, built and muscular body, but not overly so. I absolutely am a fan of the chest and his super sexy chest...

Lucas Resende steams up your Monday 3

Lucas Resende steams up your Monday

Lucas Resende is one hot Brazilian cowboy. Terra the boy always brings up the hottest guys around sure to always steam up our screens. The 29 year old certainly knows how to bring it to a photo shoot, capturing many sexy pics in various settings. Lucas has a beautiful toned midsection and brings the muscle in all the right places....

Sexy Male Swimsuit Model: Tim Robards 6

Sexy Male Swimsuit Model: Tim Robards

One of the sexiest male swimsuit models on the planet is probably Tim Robards. 26-year-old male model Tim Robards is one of the well-known faces of the AussieBum swim line. He’s done work in commercials as well as movies. Tim goes to the gym and plays touch football three or four times per week, as well as running, swimming and...

More Amazing Male Muscle Hunks by Carlos Arias 2

More Amazing Male Muscle Hunks by Carlos Arias

Once again, I can never get enough of the work by Carlos Arias. He captures the male body in all its essence and keeps it interesting at the same time. From frame to frame you can always expect great things from Carlos. In this post I’ve included various male models in different settings to show the amazing range that this...

Gabe Johansen: Beautiful Amateur Male Model 2

Gabe Johansen: Beautiful Amateur Male Model

I love the passion and enthusiasm of budding male models, as they discover themselves and their potential in the industry. Gab Johansen is a 26 year old beefcake who has taken up modeling as a hobby and it has turned into something great. Gabe has an amazing body, usually something that is a prerequisite to being a male model these...

Jacob Goodall: Stunning Sexy Model 1

Jacob Goodall: Stunning Sexy Model

Where do these great young bucks keep coming from? Jacob Goodall, an original Wisconsin boy now hailing from Los Angeles, is a hunky model with a passion for acting as well. He’s a young one, at the tender age of 20, he’s got a great career ahead of him. His portfolio is quite diverse, ranging from all american hunky photos,...

Matus Valent 3

Matus Valent

Lately I’ve been posting a lot of great photos of models, and today will be no different. I’ve come across some great photos of Matus Valent, a Slovakian model who’s done numerous magazine covers and worked with many many great photographers, I can’t even count. You can see he has many looks, as the photo below show the range of...

Classic Cowboy 2

Classic Cowboy

If you haven’t realized already, I have a affinity for cowboys and photos like these. I find them extremely sexy and I love the look 100%. This is a great shot, love the scruff!

Cowboy in chains 5

Cowboy in chains

I love a great American cowboy. The look is extremely sexy, something about it that gets me every time. When Brokeback Mountain came out, it was like the culmination of all my fantasies in one movie, with two extremely sexy actors on top of that! I came across this photo which is the motivation for this post…