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Kevin Williamson Is Looking Amazing

It’s been a little while since we had anything on the blog from Timoteo, but after the guys there sent me this gorgeous shoot featuring Kevin Williamson looking so damn fine of course I had to get him on here for you guys to check out. This is part of the CellBlock 13 brand, one that we love on the...


Jock Butt With CellBlock 13

I think we’re probably all pretty familiar with the CellBlock 13 brand by now. If you’re not, then this post is going to be a very nice little surprise for you 😉 This company is one of the very few that actually knows who to market their gear to. Yeah, I said it, too many out there seem to think...

Hot Naked Hunk Brayden Forrester For CellBlock 13 (1) 1

Hot Naked Hunk Brayden Forrester For CellBlock 13

So you know that the Gay Body Blog is pretty influential these days, right? I know, it sounds a little arrogant, but I did say a “little” influential! lol This just means that we have a lot of people who come here to check out the guys and possibly read some of my rambling bullshit too (oh, you flatter me!)...