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Ben and Joseph for Timoteo Underwear

These latest shots are hot off the press from Timoteo Underwear! Benjamin Godfre and Joseph Sayers are seen here in some really sexy underwear by Timoteo. Jospeh has a great masculine figure, and piercing eyes that strike right through the soul. It also seems that Benjamin is rippling muscle in all directions these days. This is no different in this...

Joel B 4

Canadian Hunk of the Day: Oh Canada!

Once in a while I’ll pop over to my good friend Eric’s blog Just Beautiful Men for a gander, and I had to share with you this absolutely stunning model Joel B. This 24 year-old Canadian actor currently attending film school in the UK, is nothing but a beauty! He’s a very natural looking model, and hey he’s Canadian, what’s...

David Costa 20

Male Muscle Defined by David Costa

It seems a lot of the times, male model and personal trainer are synonymous most times with a lot of models, and this is not any different with the beautifully stunning David Costa. David is not only a breathtaking male model, he is also an accomplished personal trainer. You can check out everything fitness from David at his site www.davidcosta.fr....

Ronnie Douglas 18

Muscle Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Douglas

Ok all you body builders out there take note. Ronnie Douglas is one seriously muscular dude. Seen here photographed by Rick Day, the 27 year old from Oklahoma has one of the most well-built bodies that scream look at me! Wow I am blown away how tight and ripped this guy is. Leave it to Rick to capture the essence...

Matthew Stephen Herrick 7

Rick Day captures Matthew Stephen Herrick

No one will argue against the fact that the work of Rick Day is nothing but exceptional. I can showcase great male models and photos showcasing the male form and all of the beauty it brings, from his portfolio alone! Well today is yet another example of his brilliant work. The latest from Matthew Stephen Herrick is front and center...

Tom Stapledon 14

Nothing but a muscle god: Tom Stapledon

What can I say about this 21 year old from Boston Massachusetts, other than wow?? Well maybe I can also say that this body truly is one of perfection! Meet Tom Stapledon, who according to him, only started modeling within the past year. Truly remarkable, since he has a body that resembles a Greek muscle god of the Olympus! Tom...

Viva Italia with Damiano Frascaroli 8

Viva Italia with Damiano Frascaroli

So who says Italy isn’t sexy these days? Well nobody really, and truly Viva Italia in this photo shoot starring the uber muscle-bound hunk Damiano Frascaroli. Photographed by Hans Fahrmeyer, this German photographer truly knows how to get it done, and has been ever since he established himself in New York in 1979. He has a unique way of presenting...

Adam Coussins by Dylan Rosser 9

Adam Coussins by Dylan Rosser

Having featured Adam Coussins in a recent post, I knew this would only be a prelude to his latest work done with the amazingly talented photographer, Dylan Rosser. If you’re not familiar with his work yet, you should know that it never fails to be some of the most hot, sexy, and masculine stuff out there. Adam has really bulked...

Half-naked on the slopes by ES collection for men 11

Half-naked on the slopes by ES collection for men

In the latest promotional photo shoot for ES Collection Undewear and Swimwear for Men; featured are the always sexy ES models outdoors this time hitting the slopes! What a fitting time of year for this great winter-themed photoshoot, as the snow is just starting to fall over here in many places. What a stunning set of men this underwear mega-store...

The Stunning Dave Wilkinson by Dan Skinner 5

The Stunning Dave Wilkinson by Dan Skinner

Having featured photographer Dan Skinner’s work before, there was always one model that stood out in particular in his work, and it is model Dave Wilkinson. Dan recently sent me some recent shots of Dave, as well as some of his other favorites. I absolutely love this model, and think he is yet another example of the ‘boy next door’...

Male perfection is Chris McNally 5

Male perfection is Chris McNally

Having featured some of the extremely talented Paul Reitz‘s male photography portfolio in my last post, I figured I’d continue the trend in today’s post. Paul Reitz has photographed some of the hottest male models I’ve seen recently, and Chris McNally is no exception. Chris dons the ever-sexy pair of Andrew Christian underwear in this first photo, and dawns not...

Stunning Male Photography by Daniel Skinner 2

Stunning Male Photography by Daniel Skinner

Ok I have to feature the amazing work of Daniel Skinner of CERBERUS INC. This guys does absolutely amazing work! Not to mention his models are strikingly gorgeous. Daniel Skinner is a Digital photographer/artist for over 400 publishers worldwide ranging from romance to mystery to sci-fi. Dan is always looking for new faces to add to his remarkable and stunning...

The Boys & the Beach – 2010 Calendar 2

The Boys & the Beach – 2010 Calendar

Internationally published Photographer Max-Arthur Mantle (www.maxarthurmantle.com) presents THE BOYS & THE BEACH, a full color 2010 12″ by 12″ wall calendar featuring high profiled male fashion and fitness models based in Miami, New York and Los Angeles, shot on-location at some of South Florida’s pristine beaches. A preamble to his forthcoming photo book, to be release next spring, THE BOYS...

Ricky D all ripped up: by G-Squared Photography 5

Ricky D all ripped up: by G-Squared Photography

Ricky D is a super sexy (and buff) hunk who looks good in all the work that he does, did a very hot photo shoot with the amazing photographer G-Squared for the Seattle-based T-Shirt company AJAXX 63. Ricky looks amazing in this shoot. He sometimes struggles to keep his clothes on, but for me it works well to sell the...

Jamie Dominic Monas: Unbelievably Sexy Muscle-Bound Hunk 15

Jamie Dominic Monas: Unbelievably Sexy Muscle-Bound Hunk

Man, what can I say about Jamie Dominic Monas. This guy is a God when it comes to his body. Jamie is a very experienced male model who has amazing muscle tone and definition. Having worked with the likes of Rick Day and Carlos Arias, two of my favorite photographers, Jamie has assembled a very HOT portfolio that doesn’t shy...

The Muscle-Bound Fighter 4

The Muscle-Bound Fighter

There’s nothing more raw, masculine and beautiful then a male fighter. The fighter, whether it be from martial arts, boxing, or the more recently popularized UFC, has always had a testosterone filled muscle-bound body. Necessary for the sport, these guys spend many hours working out in order to gain that extra ounce of muscle, and lose that extra ounce of...

Philip Fusco is smokin’ in the kitchen 4

Philip Fusco is smokin’ in the kitchen

Someone call 911, I think the kitchen’s on fire! Oh wait, no, it’s just the smokingly hot Philip Fusco who has done it again with an amazing photo shoot that is not surprisingly, incredibly sexy! Philip is a very talented male model who I’ve featured many times here on Gay Body Blog. This latest photo shoot by the Hans Fahrmeyer...

Michael Phelps 4

Michael Phelps

Who would I be if I didn’t comment on the Olympics and the amazing feat accomplished by American, Michael Phelps. He of course won a record 8 Gold medals smashing many world records in the process. It doesn’t hurt also that he’s fun to watch easy on the eyes. Here are some great shots of this amazing athlete.

I like long lays on the beach…. 1

I like long lays on the beach….

I wonder if this guy got lost at sea and crawled up on shore somewhere on a desert island? or… perhaps he got paid a decent buck to get down to his speedos and look pretty on some undoubtedly cold beach in the north east… whichever, wonderful butt and arms!

Ode to Homoeroticism 1

Ode to Homoeroticism

The following photos are a few pics I found that are homoerotic. Not to mention absolutely yummy 😉