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Asian Hotness With Benjamin Tang (1) 5

Asian Hotness With Benjamin Tang

Ask and you shall receive! Roger commented on the recent post of jock model Brandon Worsham and mentioned that he would love to see some more oriental models. Strangely enough, I was just preparing a post of pics featuring the hunky Asian male model Benjamin Tang! Benjamin Tang is one incredibly sexy young Asian hunk with the most awesome ripped...

Hendri Rachman Nude 2

Hendri Rachman – Gorgeous Asian Muscle Boy!

Gorgeous young Hendri Rachman is one of those intensely beautiful boys with an immense body. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia, and is a big fan of bodybuilding. He’s really gained an incredible body already, and I kind of hope he stops before becoming one of those ridiculously muscled guys who look more like a cartoon character than a hot...