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Homoerotic photos: The candid male 3

Homoerotic photos: The candid male

It seems that these days the idea of a “Bromance” is becoming every more popular, thanks to MTV and Brody Jenner. The idea that two guys can the best of friends and share things together that would normally be considered past the line of what two guys, is becoming more the norm. I’m not talking about two guys hooking up...

Paulo Henrique: Sizzling Brazilian Terra Boy 0

Paulo Henrique: Sizzling Brazilian Terra Boy

Hot Hot Hot! That’s the forecast it seems this year especially with Terra’s The Boy’s new model Paulo Henrique who is just delicious! Paulo hails from Sao Paulo Brazil, and is exactly what I needed to start my weekend and give me some good luck on this Friday the 13th. Paulo Henrique is a pure genuine looking youthful model, who...

Ryan Kwanten: Aussie Cutie 1

Ryan Kwanten: Aussie Cutie

One of the most adorable faces to come out of the beautiful country of Australia, belongs to the very cute, Ryan Kwanten. Ryan was born in Sydney Australia, and became a sex symbol after his time on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, playing of all things, a hunky lifeguard. After having a kid, he later appeared on this...

David Entinghe: A man’s pretty boy 3

David Entinghe: A man’s pretty boy

Who can deny the hotness that an Abercrombie and Fitch model brings to shopping bags everywhere? The almost nude photos of these guys is enough to drive the women to the stores, but more so, the gay men. David Entinghe is yet another one of the pretty boys, that dawn the Abercrombie and Fitch credits to their name. I’m not...

Jeremy Simpson: Simply Adorable 3

Jeremy Simpson: Simply Adorable

Meet the cutest most adorable face I’ve seen in a long time. Jeremy Simpson is a model with Major Model Management, and has those irresistible pouty lips that is usually a model cliche, but here is more of a delicious desire. Jeremy has done work for major fashion labels like D&G and Abercrombie and Fitch. Jeremy was the quarterly model...

Cali Hunk James Franco 2

Cali Hunk James Franco

The sexy James Franco is a Californian-born actor who has a dreamy smile and that luscious beautiful hair that all Hollywood actors would kill for. James got his big start in 2001, when he received worldwide attention and praise for his portrayal of James Dean in the made for television biographical film James Dean, which earned him a Golden Globe...

12 days of Beautiful Bodies 6th Day: Scott McGregor 0

12 days of Beautiful Bodies 6th Day: Scott McGregor

“On the 6th Day of Beautiful Bodies, my friend Zack brought to me, 6 abs a flexing…” This Christmas I’m featuring 12 days of my favorite male bodies of the year from earlier posts I featured. My choices are based on your comments, ratings and my personal favorites. On the 6th day I’m featuring one of my favorite cuties of...

12 days of Beautiful Bodies 3rd Day: Kerry Degman 2

12 days of Beautiful Bodies 3rd Day: Kerry Degman

“On the 3rd Day of Beautiful Bodies, my friend Zack brought to me, 3 winks from a cute boy…” This Christmas I’m featuring 12 days of my favorite male bodies of the year from earlier posts I featured. My choices are based on your comments, ratings and my personal favorites. On the 3rd day I’m bringing back to you the...

Smile 0


Nothing compares to a great smile. It’s the most honest and true depiction of happiness that doesn’t have to be taught. This photo of Chad White (yummy) is a depiction of exactly what a great true smile should look like. So much can be said with so little effort. So remember to smile everyday as the act of smiling alone...

Chris Evans: Burning up the screen 4

Chris Evans: Burning up the screen

I absolutely love the delectable American actor Chris Evans! He is best known for his roles in the films Not Another Teen Movie, Cellular, Street Kings and most notably as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four films. Evans is also working on a supernatural thriller, Push, along with Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle. Evans is also reportedly playing the lead...

Couch Hard Body 2

Couch Hard Body

There’s nothing like lounging around in your underwear on the weekend. Perhaps watch some tv, curl up with a movie or even walk around and do some house work. Walking around in your underwear is not only liberating, but it’s damn sexy especially if you’re this guy.

Alexandre Slaverio 2

Alexandre Slaverio

Alexandre Slaviero, is a Brazilian actore who was born in Curitiba on December 26, 1983. He plays “Kiko” on the most famous teen TV show in Brazil, Malhação. During his spare time, he loves to read and listen to music. His favorite song is “Don’t Worry Be happy” by Bob McFerrin and he likes the band Legião Urbana. I’m sure...

Todd Sandfield 2

Todd Sandfield

Todd Sanfield is an American model, who is modeling as a med student to help pay the bills. Incredibly it was his mom that persuaded him to get into modeling. It didn’t take long for him to get picked up by an agency, but who’s really surprised? This Michigan boy has all it takes to be a model it seems,...

Gregory Capra 1

Gregory Capra

Gregory Capra is a French personal trainer, who always looks good in his photos. And why not? He is a personal trainer after all. Gregory was born on August 8th 1984, in Marseille in the South of France. Being so close to the beach and water, her certainly doesn’t lack any inspiration to perfect that great body of his. I...

Matt Clifton 1

Matt Clifton

Matt James Clifton is a 22 year old Australian actor. Upon graduation Matt ventured to the shores of Sydney to embark on a journey towards his dreams in acting. He landed a number of TV commercials, some including ‘Samsung Mobile’, ‘Netflix’, and ‘Nutri-Grain’. Also making guest appearances on an ABC Kids show, ‘Blue Water High’. Matt’s first small break was...

Joe Griffith 2

Joe Griffith

Today I’m featuring cutie Joe Griffith. Joe is a sexy British model that I don’t know too much about, but I certainly find he take great, real photos. I’ve seen others around of Joe where he appears to be young, fun and a bit of a goof. Here’s a few great shots of Joe.

Scott McGregor 0

Scott McGregor

Gotta love smiley Aussie hunk Scott McGregor! He is just so adorable, I want to eat him up! Since 2005 he has worked as a model on the Nine Network program Temptation, as well as television presenting work for Foxtel. McGregor has done photo shoots for Men’s Health (Australia), Cleo, DNA and Boyfriend, as well as television commercials for a...

Adorable Face 2

Adorable Face

I love photography of the male face and its features. When I came across this photo recently I had to post it as this model’s face is so adorable and kissable. Yes it’s still summer but this bundled up hunk just makes me want to crawl up in bed on a cold winter’s day and warm up to this guy....

Benjamin Godfre 0

Benjamin Godfre

I can never get enough of Benjamin. Here are some more pics of the amazingly stunning model Benjamin Godfre. Godfre, born in 1988, in Minnesota, USA, is an American model of Irish, Italian and English descent. He got his start with the veteran photographer Tom Cullis. Good thing he took up modelling because if he didn’t, we couldn’t enjoy these...

Marco Dapper 1

Marco Dapper

Ok, here’s another multi-photo post, this time the intoxicating Marco Dapper. He’s had some tv spots, usually playing the ‘Super Hot Guy’, including Dirty Sexy Money and Veronica Mars. He also played Troy in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Whatever he does, he is just dreamy.