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Pumping Iron With Nicholas Kotselas

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I finally got to the gym yesterday evening, and now I ache in places I didn’t know I had. That’ll teach me to skip it for so long.

I guess I really should be looking for more motivation from guys like Nicholas Kotselas. This is what usually happens, I see a shoot like this one and it reminds me that I actually had a goal at the start of the year to do better than I did in 2018.

I’m not saying that the sight of his handsome jock pumping iron in this tempting shoot is gonna get me back to the gym today, but he’s definitely stirred something in me!

How have we not seen this handsome young man before? I guess it’s because he doesn’t model a whole lot. I did a little searching and while there are some sporadic shoots now and then he’s not exactly prolific.

I hope that changes, he’s a gorgeous man with a great body and while I think this shoot by photographer Benjamin Veronis might be a few years old he hasn’t changed a whole lot and is still pretty damn sexy.

Enjoy his pics, and if you feel motivated to go and lift something heavy please don’t do what I apparently did and strain everything all over everywhere lol

Have a great Thursday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+30 rating, 38 votes)
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