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Dominic Adriano Albano Bares All For Legend Rick Day

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I was absolutely certain we’ve had photos of Dominic Adriano Albano on the blog before, but I just did a little checking and I can’t find any evidence of that at all. I know I’ve seen that face before, though, so I’m wondering if we just never knew his name.

I have a friend to thank for these photos. I got an email this morning from one of my buddies telling me that I should write about this guy. Obviously my friend know that I have great taste in men, something we share 🙂

This New York native is an actor, model and an artist, which I think is a pretty good mix of professional interests to have in one gorgeous man. I do sometimes wonder if photographers find it harder to work with artists. Are there ever clashes over creative differences? If you’re a photographer, or a model/artist, let me know in the comments.

If I were a model (oops, I just triggered an hour of fantasizing) I would probably find it hard to bite my tongue if I had an idea for an image, a theme, or something to change in composition or lighting.

Anyway, as I’m not a mode I don’t need to worry about that, but it does make me wonder.

I’m sure Rick Day had a good time taking these photos, and he’s not the kind of man anyone needs to be second-guessing when it comes to taking immaculate images of gorgeous guys. He’s a legend, and with good reason.

Check out Dominic Adriano Albano, enjoy that stunning ass, check out his dick, appreciate that handsome face and awesome body.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+43 rating, 51 votes)
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3 Responses

  1. Gordon Harris says:

    WOW! He is really sexy. Thanks

  2. Rett says:

    Very Attractive Dressed and Hot Sexy Naked.

  3. Peter says:

    I hear he has a strange personality. Still, he is very handsome and extremely sexy and id love to meet him and hug him.

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