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George Smith Has An Awesome Muscle Butt!

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I have to thank reader Aaron for sending me these pics, thanks buddy!

I’ve never seen George Smith before, but I thought that trying to find out anything about him would be nearly impossible with such a common name, but I do have a few details to share with you all.

He’s a Colorado dude, and he kind of looks like I imagine all men in Colorado look, only with less flannel and stubble. He’s got the perfect mix of boyish good-looks and masculine muscle definition, which isn’t surprising considering he’s a dedicated weightlifter.

After a little reading about the guy I can tell you that he’s definitely straight (sigh) but that he’s real open about things and likes to show off no matter who it is enjoying his physique.

I think I speak for everyone here that we appreciate his eagerness to share that awesome body, and that incredible muscle butt!

Sure, the rest of him is awesome, but it seems like photographer Benjamin Veronis knows where to focus the attention for a few of these images 🙂

Isn’t he gorgeous? And aren’t these photos stunning? And don’t you wish you could have been there in the room while this shoot was taking place? lol

Enjoy him, let me know in the comments what you guys think, and don’t forget to share this post and hit that thumbs-up button too. Most importantly, have an awesome Friday 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+60 rating, 66 votes)
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2 Responses

  1. kdh1 says:

    snack and 1/2!

  2. Gordon Harris says:

    George Smith does have an awesome butt, plus he is good looking and has a sexy body.
    Thanks & Hugs, Gordon

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