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How Much Are You Lusting After Alwin Teršić After This Shoot?

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I would like to make a request to all the photographers out there who love taking photos of handsome men… please do whatever you need to do to find Alwin Teršić and take some incredibly sexy photos of him, please.

There’s not enough of this guy out there for my liking, and there really should be.

We first saw him back in February, looking buff and furry in for photographer Anthony Pomes, and it seems that photographer knows when he’s on to something good because he’s been taking more sexy snaps of the handsome man.

I think these are sexier than the last, too. And yes, it’s because we get more of that rather tempting bulge!

Sorry if you don’t agree, but I think he’s so handsome, and the level of rugged and manly hairiness is just right for me. He looks so good in these photos, but inevitably they leave me wanting more, and preferably with him wearing less than he is here 🙂

I did get out there and look around to see if there’s any more of him to share with you guys in the coming days, but it seems as though he’s not getting in front of the cameras very often.

Have a great day guys, leave a comment and let me know what you all think of this hottie.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+13 rating, 25 votes)
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  1. ramps says:

    He’s cute and manly…

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