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Mark Henderson’s Ripped Studs Love To Tease

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So if you haven’t checked out the last post with these handsome hunks revealing a lot more in some very erotic images then I would suggest you go and take a look at that right now before continuing with this more mainstream collection of photos.

It’s all from the same shoot, but photographer Mark Henderson loves to mix things up and get some more usual sexy photos in with his pics of those guys hard and showing off their boners!

I would love to meet every one of these guys. They’re all so good looking and so well built. Can you imagine being there on set and seeing all these guys together?

That actually brings me to the only complaint I have about this shoot; there should be photos of the guys in the pool together, naked of course 🙂

I’m guessing these men were all shot on different days, otherwise that would be a massive missed opportunity to only have solo shots while they were all there.

Enjoy the pics guys, and remember that if you know who any of these guys are then please leave a comment below so I can maybe go looking for more of them. I recognize one or two of them, but lets see if you guys can name any of the others 🙂

mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-1 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-2 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-3 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-4 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-5 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-6 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-7 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-8 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-9 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-10 mark-hendersons-ripped-studs-love-to-tease-11

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+22 rating, 26 votes)
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  • ramps

    Almost all of them hairless chests…

  • eduardo alejandro

    Gorgeous. …Delicious. ….Fantastic smooth refined bodies. ….

  • rjtopher

    omg how very hot – love the guy in blue and the pitcher makes me want to play ball now

  • Oh.My.God. delicious.

  • Cant. Stop. Looking !