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Naked Military Men

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I felt inspired today. I was actually having an argument with someone this morning about the photos of Prince Harry being leaked, and although they are pretty sexy, I’m wondering what the whole reason is for attacking him. I’ve actually heard people suggesting that he’s embarrassed our military, and I got so angry I had to walk away from the table!

Embarrassing our military for being caught in private with his cock out? I went back and asked if they thought that every soldier who ever lived had embarrassed their country for daring to have sex with someone, or even take a piss. After all, Harry did nothing wrong, he was in private, with a consenting adult. If anyone had embarrassed our country it was the person taking the picture and selling it!

So, it got me thinking about other military men on the net with their cocks out, and that inspired this post. There are a lot of army men who seem to love flashing their weapons for the camera, and I’m definitely not complaining about that!

My only wish was that Harry had had the balls to show all like these guys. I can just imagine the tabloid shit storm kicked up by that! lol

Naked Military Men (1)

Naked Military Men (2)

Naked Military Men (3)

Naked Military Men (4)

Naked Military Men (5)

Naked Military Men (6)

Naked Military Men (7)

Naked Military Men (8)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+25 rating, 33 votes)
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  • Roy

    Great post, Conran. This reminded me of when I was in the army. There was a guy there with a great body and a penis that, albeit I never saw him with an erection, you could tell it had a fabulous potential. A rare yet dangerous combination.

    I totally agree with you on Prince Henry’s photos. If someone’s wrong that’s the one who violated the Prince’s intimacy. His Majesty didn’t commit any crime to be under fire like this.

  • Tom

    Nice one!

  • Conran

    Yep, I agree. I had so much fun putting this post together, I might have to do another some time soon! And the whole Prince Harry thing seems to have calmed down a little now.

  • Peter

    I love the army boys

  • Gayco


  • They’re great!

  • They’re great!

  • Ellermann

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  • J

    These are gorgeous looking men!

  • J

    These are gorgeous men. It reminds me of basic training when I used to see a lot of young men naked. It was always a pleasure.

  • DavenSF

    OMG! Woof. I shoulda enlisted….darn

  • Neale

    In the Viet nam war there was so much nudity no one cared—I guess after you sit at latrines with lots of other guys doing the same thing—-nudity is no longer an issue!

  • Andika

    Naked men , great. Naked soldiers ..even better…naked soldiers with big CIRCUMCISED cocks showing big heads .. fantastic

  • liligay

    I love the army boys , too

  • Joel Trevino

    I LOVED my time in the Air Force. So many men, I was never short for company! The best was one of my roommates, Mike. He was 19, short and with a swimmers build. Every night, after he’d get off shift, he’d get off across on his bed that was just 8 feet away from mine. He cock was a beautiful thing and huge! I would be in bed, pretending to be asleep, whilst I watched him beat that huge cock. I loved hearing his head hit his abdomen, well above his navel. He worked the 2nd shift, getting off at midnight. During the day, I would take my time smelling his cum rag. I finally got the courage to get up from my bed while he was going at it. I walked over to him, without saying a thing, knelt down and just swallowed as much of that delicious cock as I could. I miss those days!!

  • Michael Wascher

    Can I please bend over infront of them while they take turns, in my ass, woof, I would be such a wreck, but with a smile on my face.

  • Peter

    The guy with the towel around his neck with the poorly added lockeroom background was actually in a motel room. He was a Marine when this image was taken about 15 years ago.

  • Sandip Savaliya

    I like u give me kiss