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Adam Coussins Naked By Dylan Rosser

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Okay guys, we’ve had some pics of the stunningly hot Adam Coussins on the blog before, and even shots of this stunning young man by Dylan Rosser before too, but I don’t think we’ve yet had images totally naked and revealing like this on here yet. I think It’s reasonable for me to think that you guys will love these shots of the British stunner completely butt naked and a more than a little aroused too.

Adam Coussins is one of those guys who it pretty hard to pin down. I think he goes by several names now depending what he’s doing and that can make it really tricky to find all the action he’s appeared in. He’s one of those gorgeous young men who manages to cross the line between hard and horny and professional male model with ease, one day appearing in a jerk off video and the next sporting some of the latest fashions from a brand.

I love men like him, he has the whole package. He’s gorgeous, he’s muscled, he’s a little bit furry in all the right places and he has a totally suckable uncut cock that I definitely wouldn’t be turning down if I had the chance to play!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+15 rating, 15 votes)
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  • Bodyboy

    OMG! Love all those shots! His back and butt are so beautiful in the first shot and then his torso in the others is so sexy with those furry pecs! And I love his semi hard cock showing off its size and potential without being in your face. More please!

  • charlie

    LOVE HIM….plus he’s uncut love it

  • Anth

    I have to admit that when I first saw Adam I had a crush on him. I just see him as the perfect boyfriend type. And he is so handsome that I really do want him as my boyfriend. What a wish of mine! Lol

  • Geno

    absoluetly stunning! Just wish guys wouldn’t graffitti themselves up, these days. They were perfect, “as is”!

  • naanaa

    that’s a photoshop dick! hahahaha his real penis is a pity!

  • diego

    This is a perfection……thxs…

  • adrian

    Fuck me hard babe