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Checking Out The Swimmer Bulge!

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So it seems that my post yesterday of some really gorgeous guys in their underwear really inspired a few of you, and we had some great comments from you guys. I know you boys like the bulges as much as I do, so I thought it might be time to share some recent finds of mine when it comes to the swimmer bulge!

Yep, I’m a people watcher. Oh hell, who am I kidding! I’m a MAN watcher! Whenever I get to the beach (maybe once or twice a year in the summer) there is nothing better than watching all those hunky young men jogging about with their tightly wrapped bulges bouncing along.

Oh, and those lifeguards too. Why is it that so many beach lifeguards are handsome young men in their 20’s with awesome bodies and sexy bulges? I think I might need to look into that and find out what the interviewing process is 😉

As I look out of my window now and see the rain falling, I’m thinking ahead to a couple of weekends this summer when I’ll be on a beach in the sun, with all those gorgeous lads around, and all that swimmer bulge too.

Swimmer Bulge (1)

Swimmer Bulge (2)

Swimmer Bulge (3)

Swimmer Bulge (4)

Swimmer Bulge (5)

Swimmer Bulge (6)

Swimmer Bulge (7)

Swimmer Bulge (8)


Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • Mpk

    Omg awesome bulges!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RJ

    Guy pics 5 n 6 speak to me.
    These guys prominently showing their bulges know we’re drooling. Lol
    They love to strut their stuff n they know we r hungry to see what lies tucked away in their speedos. Mmmmmmmm

  • tgf

    Bulges bulges everywhere!!!!!!! thanks, Conran!

  • chris

    cant wait for summer-time to shop for swimwear.