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Jakub Stefano – Nude – By Dylan Rosser

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If you’re a regular here you know we’ve featured this incredibly handsome and hot young jock guy before a few times showing off his immaculate body in some tight underwear and sexy swimwear. We love his muscled athletic body, and that incredibly handsome face too. He’s a Czech model who most know about, especially those into hot models who are pretty daring. If you’re a fan of him you probably know about his adult modeling and appearances on video too!

The guy has worked with plenty of names in the modeling world over the last few years, but these shots by the incredibly talented Dylan Rosser reveal a whole lot more about the guy than many have shown on their blogs before. I love some natural nude shots of a guy. They don’t have to be erotic and arousing, they can just be nice, and even sexy without tipping them over the edge and into something dirtier! These pics are just great examples of male masculine beauty being shared and appreciated, captured on camera for plenty of others to enjoy.

I love these pics, and I think I love Jakub Stefano too. But then I know I have a soft spot for Czech guys. Why are so many of them so incredibly hot?!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+7 rating, 7 votes)
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  • Juliaeir

    Oh my gawd! I agree I find so many Czech guys super hot! And this one is no exception!


    I always looks for guys who have areolas (that’s the skin surrounding your nipple, the size of mine..he’s got similar size as mine but I am Melato (Irish,Italian plus Polynesian) ,for a white boy, very unusual….I always get stares in the gym cause there are few of us and we are from the Planet Areolas! 🙂 most Women I have seen have them.,,usually on Fire Island when they go topless but I ain’t going there to women’s nipples, I mean!

    I have seen him on here and elsewhere…another hottie today!!

  • Jose Luiz

    My kind of perfect ,am!!!

  • rjtopher

    No doubt about it this guy is makes we want to visit the Czech Republic!
    He’s gorgeous and not a tease, he is there in all his glory and it is glorious!

  • tgf

    I am hot now!!!!!!

  • alarn

    u are grate

  • Bodyboy

    Thanks for this! Jakub is one of the most perfect men on the planet! Handsome, muscular, and ripped! I too love his huge aureolas, and now you’ve shown us he also has a beautiful muscle ass!