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Chase Hostler – Awesome Muscle and a Little Fur Too

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I know you guys love to see a little rugged muscle on a dude, and if there’s some hair there too, all the better. I’m glad we agree! lol

Now, I saw some pics of this guy, and after a little searching I found some more. There are a hell of a lot of images out there, but very little information about the guy himself.

Chase Hostler is a fitness and fashion model, who also extends to erotic photography. It seems that he has been shot by several of the leading names in the photography world, and there really are a lot of pics that had me “interested”! But, after spending an hour or so looking for a little more information, I couldn’t really find anything. I found his blog, and several others posting his images, but nothing really insightful.

I’m thinking he’s gay, judging by his blog, and that he lives in New York. Oh, and he’s a Capricorn too. Just in case that’s of any use to you.

But, lack of info or no, the dude is insanely hot. I love the slightly punky look and attitude, and I really love that delicious butt. Not sure about the hair style, but at least it’s something different. Oh, and of course, that scrub of sexy hair across his big chest is totally drool-worthy!

If you know anything more about Chase Hostler, feel free to add a comment below for all the other guy to read and enjoy 🙂

Chase Hostler - Sporty and Hairy Chase Hostler - Muscled Butt Chase Hostler - Muscled and Punky Chase Hostler - Gorgeous Smooth Jock Butt Chase Hostler - No Comment lol Chase Hostler - Cute Muscle Hunk Chase Hostler - Sporty Punk Chase Hostler - Interesting Jeans You Got There

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 5 votes)
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