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Logan Swiecki-Taylor Reveals A Little Extra

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Logan Swiecki-Taylor is a 23 year old American model from Indiana. If his bio on his own site is anything to go by (which it obviously is, so I don’t know why I’d suggest otherwise) he’s very hard working and dedicated to attaining every goal he sets his mind to.

With such ambition, it’s no surprise this guy is so popular in the blogosphere and on the modelling sites out there. But of course, you don’t get a body like that from eating biscuits and watching soaps; he works out all the time and has a strict healthy diet.

He really is amazing to look at, and he’s had the benefit of working with some true artists too. Now I know a little about art, and I paint too. So I know about colour and artistic impact. So some of these images are real favourites of mine.

I really love deep and shocking contrast, and those dark images of this extremely handsome and well-defined man alongside those shocking bright colours are a real artistic feat – they really are impressive!

Of course, it’s not all about the creative process and stunning handsomeness. We have to also appreciate the bulging curves and seductive outlines. Of course, I know you would anyway, but it’s worth a mention.

So here I’m mentioning it, Logan Swiecki-Taylor is so hot!

Logan Swiecki-Taylor - Big!Logan Swiecki-Taylor - Revealing some skin!Logan Swiecki-Taylor - Amazing TorsoLogan Swiecki-Taylor - Blue Calvin'sLogan Swiecki-Taylor - OutsideLogan Swiecki-Taylor - Wet

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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