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Muscular and Ripped Jon Saunders explores

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Str8 muscle stud Jon strips down to his briefs to show off his many tattoos and nudges his cock a few times which is soon filling out the briefs and when he pulls them down a little he shows what is a semi verging on a near full hard one! He plays around teasily for a few minutes before pulling out his mighty stiff erection. Jon gets hard easily and then stays pumped up hard all shoot and even when he pushes his finger in his hole his cock stays up! After he has teased his hole a little he is soon pumping in one finger and is soon following it with another and pumps them in and out enthusiastically! Check out his nice big cum shot while pummeling his hole with two fingers!
Jon SaundersJon Saunders


Our waking hours form the text of our lives, our dreams, the commentary.

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  • Joel Jorgensen

    Jon should be in a nude photo shoot with Robin Coussins. They even look alike and
    the results would be incredible!

  • boy8800

    sexy man hehe i like …

  • davenpdx

    very hot man and site

  • enrique

    hello!!! I enjoyed, thank you.

  • Isthean

    just found my second husband

  • Peter Marks

    Re: Joel Jorgenson’s response of suggesting a dual photo shoot with Robin? Coussins. Great suggestion but Jon Saunders is Adam Coussins – they don’t just look alike – they are the same person. And a hot guy he is, no matter what name he uses.

  • A perennial favorite – love this hot man!

  • geee Jon iam gay iam foot fetish your hairy legs Jon turn me on.

    i would i want to massage the top’s of your barefeet Jon i want to wash clean massage have your right bottom barefoot on my hairy chest have your barefeet both barefeet onto me……

    love you Jon d o b july-13-1967

  • tony C

    that shot of his ass, I think he did for DNA magazine in Australia ,was on my desktop forever..he has one of the most beautiful asses I have ever seen and all that work he puts into that body shows…I am just very happy he is sharing his body & sexuality with us..in that model world, it’s a level most do not take for many reasons but if you are very happy with your sexuality, then sharing it becomes no problem

  • paul

    totally stunning and thats just facially alone! his body and cock are perfect!!!

  • Ned.

    Jon Saunders aka Adam Coussins. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Ned.

    addition: Jon Saunders (gay porn) aka Adam Coussins (athletic model) aka David Jones (gay porn)

  • Conran

    I’m not too sure about that, I’m sure I’ve seen him on at least one gay porn site as Adam Coussins. I don’t really care what he calls himself, it can actually be quite fun to suddenly find another shoot or video of him under a different name.