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Ricky Martin gets naked in his racy promo video

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Ahhh, it’s all starting to make sense now. Ricky Martin recently comes out of the closet to his fans and the media, and we suddenly are talking about Ricky again. Then with the once-upon-a-time Latin superstar fresh in our heads, we are reminded of his racy promo video where he’s yes, completely naked. Delicious? Yes. Admit it, we loved Ricky. We were just somewhat ashamed to admit it, and if we weren’t, we were simply disappointed that he just wouldn’t be himself and live up to what everyone knew was true. Now that the past’s behind, is Ricky setting the stage for a comeback? Well, you be the judge. Ricky gets naked in this promo video and again yes he’s completely naked, with some clever video editing and well-placed tattoos, Ricky does leave us wanting more. Yeeesh someone open a window..


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • Peter

    Okay, lets face it, he is hot.
    But going down this path might eventually lead to “releasing’ home made porn.

    Which is what most gay guys are waiting for, isn’t it?

  • You’ve got a point 😉

  • Joel Jorgensen

    Let’s not try to read too much into this, guys! He’ out now and proud now and let
    him finally enjoy that freedom, so why not link that to a beautiiful body, with which
    he is also undoubtedly proud.

  • jan vos (netherlands)

    Great Ricky. I hope you feel so much better after the closet.
    Welcome in the gay family. We love you. But also because of your songs and voice. That is more important. Enjoy your two twins
    Only a pity that you have trimmed your chest hair. Just be naturel thats better

  • Ricky he is nice and good songer i like have voices and for everything.

  • David

    wow! what a beautiful man!

  • Rob

    The video suggests a “reawakening”, certainly something that Ricky may have gone through in order to make the conscious decision to come out as a gay man. Ricky has already been doing some tremendous humanitarian work around the globe, so we should welcome him into our family and look forward to what he may provide to our community in terms of advocacy and supporting equality.

  • jose

    ricky ‘s a beautiful man.

  • jose

    il est beau comme un dieu . il donne l’envie a un hétéro à se convertir .

  • Pieter

    Well it was about time. I often wondered if he would ever release himself from that prison he shut himself in. This must be a wonderful and joyful time for him even if it is a bit late. He has always been a delicious man though and I hope we see more of him…. naked preferably. Hmmmmm….. yummmm….

  • I like favorite you but nice you …. gtrat wondfull you sing

  • I say good you