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It’s time for your say Gay Body Blog Followers!

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It’s time for your say guys and gals! I’ve been running this blog for almost 2 full years now, and with over 6 million visitors during that time, you’re bound to have a few suggestions, comments, or even gripes!

I want to hear from you bloggers, tell me what’s up, tell me what’s down, get it off your chest! I want to make the Gay Body Blog experience as best as possible for all my loyal readers.

Take my short survey, and you’ll be helping me and my readers out a ton!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my work up to now and hope you will continue to enjoy my blog in the months to come!


-Zack Tomlinson
Gay Body Blog


Our waking hours form the text of our lives, our dreams, the commentary.

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  • raulito

    You are writing like you are planning on stopping posting on your blog….some of us enjoy it you know.

  • Zack

    Hi Raulito,

    I'm glad you enjoy it.
    I'm not planning on stopping my blog, in fact I did this survey to make it better!
    Hope you give your feedback, Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    keep up the great work. You have a consistency with the look of the guys you post and it's great to see a larger image of yourself (assuming it's you)

  • Tefnoutt

    very beautiful program for a WE…

  • Woody

    Bravo, Zack! You do a fantastic job with the blog, with complete consistency of such high quality. Your blog is my favorite of all. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into it, so the rest of us can get hard, out of it. — Woody

  • Matt Lenzman

    Very good, high quality blog. I like the large set size and quality of the images. It's good that you develop a relationship with the photographers.

    I also like the fact that you link with other blogs — (inluding mine!)– makes for better community.

  • Thiago

    Your blog is perfect!

    He hecho la encuesta, pero te lo digo por aquí…. me gusta la idea de tu propio dominio. Y tienes mucho gusto para los modelos que pones y adoro la calidad de tus fotos.


  • neem

    de los mejores blogs que he visto. ¿Felicidades!