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Homoerotic photos: The candid male

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It seems that these days the idea of a “Bromance” is becoming every more popular, thanks to MTV and Brody Jenner. The idea that two guys can the best of friends and share things together that would normally be considered past the line of what two guys, is becoming more the norm. I’m not talking about two guys hooking up together or anything of the sort, but just two guys bonding at a higher level. On this note, I want to share some candid photos of some dudes sharing some of these moments together. Candid males can produce some images that sometimes you just cannot capture in a photo shoot. Thanks to my buddy over at Adam’s Candids for these shots.
Two sexy guys homoerotic
Three Guys Laughing
Male Kiss Homoerotic
Two male wrestlers
Sexy male muscle body
Sexy male diver funny
Male sexy body
Sexy Shirtless Guys


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  • Anonymous

    Do wrestlers routinely shave their underarms?

  • Zack

    I think a lot do, but I’ve seen some that keep it too.
    I guess if they have a lot of hair they might.. but I think it’s sexy either way!

  • Alfred

    Surprisingly unerotic.