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Hard Male Body Adonis: Paul Tornabene

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This photo of Paul Tornabene shows a great example of the classic “V” shape all guys seem to want. It’s one of the most attractive and enticing parts of the male body, that acts like a physical runway to the male body parts. When a muscular guy takes off his shirt, eyes seem to be drawn to it. They are nicely complemented with a tight midsection; abs that you can wash your clothes on. Paul has a great smile to top if off, which makes this quite the yummy photo!

Paul T Adonis Muscle


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • Anonymous

    Paul TORNABENE is one of my favourite MUSCLED youngman…
    He has such sculptured abs…
    MMMM !!!

    He has such a chiseled body and… WHAT a CUTE FACE…

    Got many pics of him…

    JiEL,Montréal, Can.

  • Zack

    He is a cutie for sure!
    Feel free to share some pics if you want!

  • Anonymous

    Such beautiful creatures these young dudes. And to Zack, I see you have WONDERFUL taste in your men. I commend you for the beautiful specimens in your blog. Thanks from fellow Canadian.

  • oh god my name is federico tornabene o.o